Cleaning Division

JWP are DOFF-approved. This is a cleaning system that is environmentally-friendly and doesn't involve the use of chemicals or detergents. It is extremely successful in the treatment of algae and lichen growth with longer re-growth periods than conventional products. It is Heritage Approved.

DOFF (High Pressure Steam Cleaning)

This system is completely different to other steam all hot water systems currently available on the market. This uses super heated water that comes out the nozzle in a vortex pattern. It requires a normal water supply which is then put in a high pressure pump unit, here the pressure is increased to the required level before entering the hotbox. The pressure and temperature is adjusted through the operator up to 150C. The nozzle shoots the super heated water on to the specific surface to be cleaned without causing damage.

This system is for removing moss, algae, dirt and grime on stone, brick or render work. Its also Ideal for removing paint from stone or brickwork in particular cases a paint softner will need to be applied to the surface.

Jos/TORC System

Another form of cleaning we carry out. This system is well-recognised as utilising a swirling vortex for gentle yet effective cleaning.


A paste for cleaning internal surfaces with no use of water. A thin layer of film producing cleaning paste enables thorough cleansing of the pores, without leaving salts or other chemical residues, frequently found in the results of certain chemically cleaned surfaces.

There are no chemical after effects and salts is not dissolved into the substrate. Once the paste product has been applied, which can be done by a variety of methods; brush, spray or roller etc. it is then simply left for 24-48 hours. After this period, it becomes modified into a 'rubberised film'.

What are people saying about us?
  • First rate job of re pointing our Grade ll listed windmill. Worked through difficult and very cold weather conditions. Always left site clean and tidy at end of the day and kept us informed throughout the job. Paid less than the estimate as there was not as much damage in some areas and re pointing wasn't needed. Would definitely use this company again and would recommend them too.
    Mrs Harrold - Pulborough
  • James and Daren were superb to deal with from start to finish. They were extremely polite and professional at all times. They carried out various works on our 500 year old farmhouse, including brick fireplace repairs and renovations, completely stripping walls back to the flint and new lime rendering and washing, crack and hole filling. It is obvious that they take great pride and care in their work and were more than happy to make suggestions about how and what to do in order to achieve the results we wanted, including making some changes along the way. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
    Mr Middleton - Chichester
  • Deep cleaning, brick repair and re-pointing, carried out to a high standard with the few issues arising swiftly resolved.
    Mr Baker - Chichester